Zebra Z-Perform 1000D, Direct Thermal, W:38.1 x H:38.1 mm, C:19 mm

    Zebra Z-Perform 1000D, label roll, Direct Thermal paper, Uncoated Dimensions: W38.1 x H:38.1mm, Core: 19mm, 270 labels/roll, Blackmark, free of Bisphenol A
    Plus  Label Quality: Direct Thermal | Uncoated
    Plus  Dimensions: W38.1mm, H:38.1mm, C:19mm
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Zebra Z-Perform™ 1000D
Label Roll

Note: Z-Perform 1000D is not recommended for applications involving long term exposure to sunlight, extreme heat or for application on a PVC surface.

Economy Direct Thermal paper label with general purpose permanent adhesive.


• No ribbon required for direct thermal printing, therefore only one stock item needed

• Produces high contrast black images with recommended Zebra printers

• Good adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces

• ISEGA approval for direct contact with dry and moist non-fatty foods

• Adhesive complies with European food regulations EC 1935/2004, EU 10/2011 for direct contact with dry and moist, non-fatty foodstuffs with a maximum contact area of 20cm² per 1kg of foodstuffs

• Latex free adhesive

Suggested Applications

• Indoor general purpose labelling

• Labelling of most packaging materials

• Shipping labels

• Picking and receiving in warehousing applications

• Shelf edge labelling, product and price labelling in retail

• Product Identification



Produkt Type Etiketter
Farve Hvid
Producent Zebra
Produktmodel Zebra Z-Perform 1000D
Antall ruller i pakken 20
Etiket formen firkantet
Rows on Label 1 row
Belægning Ubestrøget
Etiket indre diameter (mm) 19
Etiketbredde (mm) 38
Etikettehøjde (mm) 38
Antal etiketter/rulle 270
Etikettype Direkt termisk
Etiketmateriale Papir
Perforerede? Ingen
Klæbemiddel Permanente
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Du anmelder:Zebra Z-Perform 1000D, Direct Thermal, W:38.1 x H:38.1 mm, C:19 mm
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