Star SP712MD, RS232-Serial, DOT-Matrix Printer, TearBar, Dark Grey

    Star SP712MD, Dot-Matrix Printing, Media width max.: 58/69.5/76 mm, Speed Max.: 8.9lps, Connection.: (RS232-Serial), ESC/POS, (TearBar), Inc.: Power Supply Unit, (Order Separately: Interface Cable), Colour; Dark Grey

    • High-speed, top quality dot matrix printer
    • Up to 8.9 lines per second
    • Splash-proof casing design for reliable usage in kitchens or bars.
    • This printer has TearBar. NO CUTTER

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STAR SP700 Series

The Star SP700 has an impressive print speed, thanks to its bi-directional printing feature, and integrated »Logic-Seeking« for the optimisation of the printing process. Paper change is a breeze with its »drop-in and print« loading system, ideal also for less experienced users, and for preventing unwanted interruptions during busy times. This printer is optimal for applications calling for reliability and speed, whether in retail, production or hospitality. With the SP742BI version with Bluetooth, you are also prepared for modern mPOS applications.

It can easily handle paper widths of 76, 70 or 58 mm, and prints receipts bi-directionally (via 9-pin dot matrix) at an amazing speed of up to 8.9 lines per second. Optionally, it can also print in two colours, to give you important marketing messages or texts, leaving a visual impact for later recognition. Its graphics download is integrated into the driver software, to better support this feature, ensuring for good administration of logos and coupons, without the need for additional software.

Its splash-proof construction is the ideal choice for kitchen or bar usage. Plus, its integrated power supply and compact footprint (160 x 152 x 245 mm) save you valuable working space. You can use this printer horizontally, upright, or even mount it on the wall (optional). Also available is a model with an auto-cutter and/or journal take-up.

The SP700 is intuitive and easy to use, giving you greater operational flexibility. In addition to being compatible with current Windows versions, it is also compatible with Windows Vista, Linux, JavaPOS, OPOS, Mac and ESC/POS. Its helpful software makes its integration easier for you, while giving you a wide spectrum of innovative applications: a graphics management tool with name and list functions allows for the identification and usage of up to 255 pictures. Multiple printer configurations and a quick upload into any system are no longer an issue. Its logo-saving driver tool loads multiple pictures (monochrome or multi-coloured in many formats). Plus, its virtual serial port emulator guarantees you can use the existing USB or Ethernet infrastructure without adaption to the existing software.

For seamless integration of the SP700 into existing systems, there are serial, parallel, USB and Bluetooth variants at your disposal, as well as a model without interfaces for optional Ethernet or Wi-Fi connectivity.

Producent Star Micronics
Farve Mørkegrå
Produkt Type kassebon-printer
Produktmodel Star SP700
Print teknik DOT-Matrix
Printerforbindelser Serieel
programmering sprog ESC/POS™, JavaPOS™, OPOS™
Papir bredde (maks) 76 mm
Garanti 4 Years Manufacturar
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