Labelmate LD-200-U, Dispenser

    Labelmate LD-200-U, Automatisk etiketdispenser, (Etiketlængde 10 / 20-150mm, Etiketbredde: op til 165), også til gennemsigtige eller sorte etiketter
    Plus Etiketbredde: op til 165 mm
    Plus Etiketlængde fra 10 til 150 mm til almindelige etiketter
    Plus Etiketlængde fra 20 til 150 mm til gennemsigtige etiketter
    Plus Rullediameter: Maks: 220 mm
    Plus Hastighed: 110 mm/sek. minimum
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Leveringstid: 1 - 2 uger
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Labelmate Dispenser
Automatic Label dispenser

The LD-200-U uses a peel and present design with the latest photoelectric technology to dispense all types of labels. A special reflective sensor sits below the label and reliably senses the leading edge of you label. As the operator picks up a label, the next one is automatically and instantly advanced.


The label dispenser are equipped with 38mm core holders that accept all cores from 40 to 76mm. External roll diameter is 220mm (265mm with AWB option and 300 with LD-DE option). The set-up is very easy. In less than 30 seconds, there is just one simple adjustment for label lenght..

Produkt Type Dispenser
Producent Labelmate
Produktmodel Labelmate LD-200-U
Garanti 3 Years Manufacturar Warranty
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