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Plus  Interface Connection: USB/RS232 or Ethernet
Plus  Maximum speed: 250 mm/sec.
Plus  Power Supply Unit, Power-Cord and USB cable (USB model only), included


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Epson TM-T20III, Kvitteringsprinter, Printresolution: 8 punkter/mm-203DPI, Variabelt papirbredde: 58/80 mm, Udskriftshastighed Maks.: 250 mm sek., Interface: USB, RS232, Cutter, ESC / POS, inkl .: Kabel USB, Strømforsyning, Strømkabel, Farve: Sort
: C31CH51011
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Epson TM-T20III, Kvitteringsprinter, Printresolution: 8 punkter/mm-203DPI, Variabel papirbredde: 58/80 mm, Udskriftshastighed Maks. 250 mm/sek., Interface: Ethernet, Cutter, ESC/POS, Inkl.: Kabel USB , Strømforsyning, Strømkabel, Farve: Sort
: C31CH51012
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Epson TM-T20II
POS Printer

The combination of its fast print speeds, high reliability and economical operation, make this Energy Star-qualified printer a must-have for small retail and speciality stores, hospitality venues and grocery stores.


This easy-to-use model is our most affordable POS receipt printer and has an 80mm printing width. Its Automatic Paper Reduction feature reduces top and bottom margins, line feed width and bar code height, allowing for flexible receipt printing. This monitors and controls the amount of paper used. Paper costs are minimised by printing the top logo of the next receipt before cutting, so the top margin is further reduced by 12mm.


With its MTBF of 360,000 hours and a mechanism life of 15 million lines, you can rely on the TM-T20II in high-volume printing environments.


The TM-T20II comes with a built-in USB interface and you can select from two models: 1) USB + Serial, 2) Ethernet, making the model a long-term investment as it is possible to switch connectivity at any time.


Its print speeds of 200mm/sec can save you time and its competitive price and running costs can save you money, ideal for when you need to beat queues quickly.

Produkt Type kassebon-printer
Ekstra mulighed Nej
Produktmodel Epson TM-T20III
Print teknik Direktetermo
Printerforbindelser LAN - Ethernet, Serieel, USB
Papir bredde (maks) 80 mm
Max opløsning (S/H) 200 DPI
Direct thermal POS printer in a ready-to-operate complete package
More than 30% faster than its predecessor: up to 200 mm/sec.
Dual interface (USB/RS232 or USB/Ethernet), power supply, drivers and wall bracket
Integrated paper-saving function and Energy Star certification
High reliability for a long product life cycle (2-year warranty)
Garanti 2 Year Manufacturar

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USB till PC printer Bedømt af Damian
Nem at tilslutte til Windows 10 via USB. Godt valg. (Indsendt den 22/05/2016)

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