Zebra DS3678

Superior Scanning Performance

Zebra has packed the 3600 Series with the most advanced scanning technology. The result? Workers can dependably scan barcodes in any condition, as fast as they can pull the trigger, driving worker productivity and customer service to a new level.


Capture any barcode in any condition

The warehouse and manufacturing plant are tough on printed barcodes. With the 3600 Series, you get the integrated scanning intelligence that has made our barcode technology the industry leader. Virtually any barcode can be captured in virtually any condition — scratched, dirty, poorly printed and even under shrinkwrap or frost. The result? First-time every time scanning eliminating the everyday exceptions that drive time and cost into your business.


Capture up to 20 barcodes with a single press of the trigger

Zebra's powerful time-saving Multi-code feature is perfect for those labels that contain many barcodes. You specify which codes are captured, the order in which codes will be captured and how to format each code for your back-end application. One press of the scan trigger captures and transmits the data instantly to the right fields in the right applications — and the opportunity to scan the wrong codes on your labels is eliminated.


Superior pick-list functionality

Pick lists are often a part of the workday in the warehouse and manufacturing plant. That’s why the 3600 Series scanners include aiming technology that makes it easy for your workers to select and scan even small barcodes.


Capture printed and electronic barcodes

All models can capture barcodes that are printed or displayed on any computer screen. Even if you don’t use electronic barcodes today, you’re ready for the future.



“ With my Zebra 3600 scanner, I can capture items that are just inches away just as easily as items at the very top of the tallest warehouse rack.”