Aures YUNO, Touch-Computer, PCAP, 38.1-15", J900 Quad Core, Windows POSready 7, Black

    Aures YUNO, POS System, Touchscreen: PCAP, Size: 38.1 cm (15''), Quad-core Bay Trail J1900, Fanless, RAM: 4 GB, SSD: 64 GB, USB: 6x, RS232: 4x, Ethernet: 10/100/1000 Mbit, Cashdrawer: 24/12 V DC, Audio, Incl.: Power supply unit, Powercord, Operating system: Windows POSReady 7 EN, Colour: black
    Plus  Touch-Technology: PCAP
    Plus  Processor: Quad-Core Bay Trail 1900
    Plus  Windows POSready 7 pre-installed
    Plus  Powersupply & Power-Cord included
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Aure YUNO POS-Computer
ALL-in-One TouchComputers


YUNO is a robust but stylish and compact product, designed by AURES to suit the many applications of the POS vertical sectors.


It is a fanless, flexible and high-performance hardware, fitted either with a Broadwell i3 5010U or a Quad-Core Bay Trail 1900 platform; the system is available in 2 formats (traditional 4:3 15.1’’ screen and Wide 16:9 15.6’’ screen) and equipped with a shock- and scratch-proof, multi-touch, projected, capacitive screen (PCAP technology).


Very flexible, YUNO is offered with VESA fixings options (for wall or pole mounted solutions), as well as in a simple touchscreen version (15.1’’ and Wide 15.5’’ monitors).


The standard version features a 64 GB flash disk (2.5’’ SSD) and stands up to dirt in the toughest settings (fat, crumbs, dust, splashes and leftovers in kitchens, restaurants and bakeries. It integrates energy efficient processors (Broadwell i3 or Bay Trail J1900) and a heat-dissipating aluminium structure, ensuring compliance with environmental standards (low carbon footprint).


YUNO is an accessible product whose many features (technology, ergonomics, flexibility and design) make it good value for money. It constitutes a sensible, cost-effective and long-term investment for any POS IT equipment

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Producent AURES
Produkt Type POS-Computere
Produktmodel Aures YUNO
Skærmstørrelse 15'' (38.1 cm)
Touch Teknik Projected Capacitive
USB-tilslutning 6x
Seriell-tilslutning 4x
Ethernet/LAN tilslutning 1x
Bluetooth Ingen
Dimensioner (B x H x D) 360.1 x 316.1 x 171.5 mm
Garanti 1 Year Manufacturar
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